dragonfly (2013​-​2015)

by Matthew DeVoll

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i think my chance of success in music faded a while ago. maybe a year or so. since i finished my last complete cohesive piece of music (which is still yet to be released), everything i've written or recorded has been as bad or worse than all the material on what is presented to you above. i created this folder called "dragonfly" in 2013 and put random garageband projects in it throughout 2013 and 2014. but weirdly not every garageband project i created; i only put one in the folder if i believed it it with the others. so this is just a strange collections of songs and sketches and covers that for some reason i believe go together. it's laden with vocal flubs, sour notes, recording errors, bad mixing, and i left all of it in because taking it out wouldntve made it better. from all the untitled sketches that probably could've been something really cool, to the covers of stuff that i was just listening to at the time, to the love song that i hope my current significant other will get mad at me about, to the phone conversation that i hope the star of which won't get angry with me for posting, this album is shit. but i kind of like it anyway.

i wanted to study music in college but upon uploading a video audition to the UNT college of music they didn't accept me, so i took core classes thinking i would apply for music again the next semester, but the more i was there the less i felt like doing so. so i tried to do "new media art" in the visual arts department of UNT, and the first day of class freaked me out so much (mainly bc i realized how many supplies art students are expected to buy) that i dropped the classes immediately. i wandered aimlessly through core classes for one more semester at UNT before i realized i just missed home, so i went back home and for the past semester i've been at community college taking more core classes (3 semesters of core classes now) and a) i've decided to study philosophy and b) i failed most of the classes i took this semester. im so lost.

i don't know why i wrote all that, but i was hoping it would tie in with why i wanted to release this. i guess it's not to like purge old feelings or something, but more that i just wanted to put some music up again. like i used to. i know it wont be successful and i know that maybe 8 people will listen to it, and i would say i don't care but i do. more than anything. i wanted to be a musician so bad and i still do. i billed fragments as a b-sides album but it was really the singles collection. it was the only thing that a great deal of people got excited about from me. i miss that feeling, and i don't know how to get it back.

idk what i wanted this monologue to be so i'll stop it here. enjoy this little thing. there was a specific picture i remember wanting to be the album art for this but i can't find it so i just took an old pic of me from 2013 and put it there


released January 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Matthew DeVoll Plano, Texas

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