Some (2012)

by Matthew DeVoll

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a fuckin ass album


released September 10, 2012



all rights reserved


Matthew DeVoll Plano, Texas

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Track Name: Granada
breathe in
take in the haze
wide eyes
look up, you're dazed!

lights fade
green and blue and mauve
amethyst and apricot

drink in
the copious technicolor sunlight
snow's falling
but that's not really snow

wake up, get up, get out, you're already here
and your friends are here to tell you everything'll be aLRIGHT
no rhyme, no reason, just go color your hair
and look up at her, she's singing everything'll be aLRIGHT
and you mimic her hands as they're moving (sinG IT OUT)
and you look and the moon is risING SING IT OUT

no way, no how, this can be happening to you
all your dreams in one place, and everything's gonna be alright
the paintings on the wall come alive and start to dance
the people are with them, 'cause they know everything'll be alright
and i'm drawn to the spotlight where she screams (sing it out)
and her eyes finally lock with mine! OH SING IT OUT
Track Name: In Control
i only do what i wanna do
you only do what i want you to
the others think they can get away
but they only do what i say

get out of my head
get out of my mind
you seem to do this all time
i want you to go
just get away
no matter how hard i try, you always stay

i don't think you're worth my time
i don't think I should be kind
can't ever keep your feelings intact
i think it's time you just face the facts, just face the facts

i'm in control

get out of my head
get out of my mind
you seem to do this all the time
i want you to go
just get away
no matter how hard i try, you always stay

i can't take this anymore
i don't need this anymore
like i ever did before
Track Name: Nights
(whoaaaaaa etc)

it was always that one time, it was never more
and all the other times had been such a bore
i never had any more chances to show you how much better things could be

i know i didn't try at all, i just couldn't wait
but our parents got on to us, said we couldn't stay up late
sure, we had some good days, but i really wish they could've been nights

i know the sun was nice and the light it brought to us was great
but we barely had any time at all and that was what i used to hate
now you're gone, and i miss you, and the times we had, and the times we could've had

i just want to make sure you know, i was always wishing for nights
Track Name: Maybe Not For Me
it's raining outside
and that's causing my mind
to wander to the only place it's ever been
thinking of you

and i can only imagine what it'd be like if you were here
listening to me play this song for you
all my dreams would come true

you're too kind
you know everyone in the room
i know only one or two
including you

maybe later we could go outside
and watch the air rustle the leaves
over the bed of the field
and we'll wait for summer

and maybe
love stories aren't for me
or you, or any of them

maybe we should just sit
in our separate rooms
and watch each other melt
into the ground
Track Name: Monsters
why are you holding that that way

i don't think that's how it's supposed to be used

so don't come cryin' to me when you're sittin' in the bathroom with your fingers all bloody

i told you the last time, you shouldn't try that again

don't, come on. what were you thinking

you've caught the attention of everyone i know; the monsters in my closet have even come out to see

what's that., looks like i'm alone in the crowd again

scratch that, inverse it. do what you wanna do
Track Name: Garfield
overweight, orange, tired, tried and failed
the innocent man can't keep up with the time
the dog's in the corner, chasing his tail
the house is a mess, covered with mold and grime
no one is happy, no one is sad
all are preoccupied, but not entertained
nothing is good, and nothing is bad
it's just another sunday afternoon again
Track Name: I Don't Mind
when i'm with you, you say this is the time of your life
but then you turn around and tell me just to leave you alone
but i don't mind

when i'm with you, i tell you i feel so alive
but then you leave me and you wonder why you're always at home
and i don't mind

and when you're gone, i'm always thinkin' about you
and when i'm gone, i hope you're thinkin' about what we had
but i know you're not
you're just doin' fine
and i don't mind

when you're with him, you wonder why it's not workin' out
and then i tell you i'm right here, but you don't listen to me
and i don't mind

and for a while i'd just stay up in my bedroom and pout
and you'd go on and wouldn't wonder what had happened to me
and i don't mind

and now that you're gone, i can't get you out of my head
and i know for a fact you don't feel the same
but i don't know
i just wish you would
but i don't mind

and i miss you
i just wish you would
but i don't mind
Track Name: Heather Anne Campbell
i wish you'd change at my every scene
i wish you'd stand right in front of me
'cause it's hard to see where you'll go next
and who knows what the effects will be

i don't want to feel this way


and if you turn i won't be ready
and if you'd ask me i'd say no
and if you're someone else i won't know the difference
even if that someone else is you
and if it's time i'll need a second
even if that second means more than a year
'cause when it comes i won't know who to be or what to do when you come around
Track Name: Trips
my despair
you're the only one who understands
panda bear
won't you come and take my hand

come along
and share my dream
no misery
and no hurt or need
just you and me
and the record sleeve
hanging there
on the wall

oh spirit, it's gone
a catastrophe
to which my life hangs on

sitting here
looking around my room
let's go outside
and watch the sun rays bloom
we'll hit the beach
surf a couple waves
i just want this moment to stay
Track Name: I've Tried Lucid Dreaming
if i had the choice
i'd live on the shore
i'd know everyone I'd walk past and maybe more

and if i had a car
i'd drive you down to see
the crashing waves and footprints on the beach

and if i had the patience
to stare into the sun
it wouldn't hurt as much as the thought of none

and if i had the nerve
i'd just leave that alone
clear my mind and listen to the drone
of the stereo

i listened to the others
i've done what they all said
but thinking seems to just keep me in bed

i've tried lucid dreaming
and i'd just stay awake
i can't seem to keep reality delayed

and i've tried playing music
to keep my mind away
from the fact that you weren't going to stay

my best friend asked
in the midst of the snow
"what do you think waiting will bestow?"
i don't know

i've tried love songs before
but they never got that far
i just realized i was trying too hard

so here's to wishing it was easier
just so it won't get worse
don't wanna think to live without remorse

this isn't addressed to you
unless the you is me
it's conditioning so i might live comfortably

so punch me
stick a knife in the fact that i've given up
i'll never forget that i'm the only one

my best friend asked
with the last of his gums
"how many people get who they want?"
only some